Dry and wet risers, hose reels and fire hydrants servicing

We only supply the highest quality products and services, which includes our range of dry & wet risers, hose reels and fire hydrants.

Why are these important?

In many cases, the level of equipment and its placement on site will determine the chances of successfully stopping a fire and limiting potential damage. By ensuring your premises has correctly placed risers, hose reels and fire hydrants, you can potentially equip the fire service with the tools they will need to effectively stop a blaze.


How 1st Call Fire can help:

• We provide free site surveys to determine your current situation.
• No obligation quotes.
• Recommendations on where to install risers, reels and hydrants for maximum impact.
• We supply the highest quality products.
• Service agreements for the regular maintenance of products installed.

Our technicians are regularly audited, both internally and externally to assure quality and work in accordance with BS 5266-1:2011. We cover the whole of the UK and can provide quotations based on site plans

Fixed Suppression Systems Servicing


A must-have piece of fire safety equipment

A fixed suppression system is a must-have piece of fire safety equipment in high risk or significantly important areas of a building. They combine detection with an automatic extinguisher to ensure the quickest possible solution to an outbreak of fire.

What are the advantages of a fixed suppression system?

A fixed suppression system provides an automatic response to the outbreak of a fire, which is why they’re most commonly installed in high-value areas where damage limitation is of the utmost importance.


There are various forms of fixed suppression system, including inert and chemical gases, as well as water mist, foam, wet chemical and dry powder. The choice of which to be used will depend upon the environment.


• Quick and efficient response to fire.
• Detects fires quickly in areas that are unmanned.
• Protect equipment and high-value areas from damage (i.e. computer or server rooms).

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